WeBike- pedal + recharge your tech while working!

New idea for library furniture…. pedal to recharge your tech while working at a desk with the WeBIKE. You can exercise and produce energy at the same time!! WeWATT is a Belgium Company who created these  combo-desk-bikes and they are now in many places in Europe (check out photos of examples here). Watch this  excellent  Mashable Video to learn more!.

These WeBikes can be in laid out in a row or circle (think group work). They say  they are make with some recycled materials too. Takes about 30 minutes of pedaling to charge your iPhone.  Though its a small company, customizing each request, so it’s probably not ready for most libraries yet at a cost of around $1300 a bike!?!  But the concept is so worth considering….


WeWatt Concept

From WeWatt website, their concept


Photo from WeWATT website of Antwerp railway station (Belgium)


From Inhabitat’s website


Bike Fixtation … @your library?

What a great idea:  The  Uptown Transit Station in Minneapolis offers this first  Bike Fixtation – a public bike workstation, with vending machine of bike parts, tubes, patch kits, as well as drinks, power bars, sunscreen, lights, etc. There is also air available and a stand to work on your bike. Chad DeBaker developed this awesome Bike Fixtation  for the price of $7700 – not bad for a college campus or community library!  Read more about it and view more image in the adventure journal or contact http://www.bikefixtation.com/ to get one for your library.

More Students Switching to Bikes

Whether to save money on gas or be more environmentally friendly, many students in high school and college are moving toward using bikes instead of cars. Many schools are moving toward initiatives to encourage this bike movement. Examples: Ripon College (WI) is offering first year students FREE mountatin bikes, helmet and lock if they sign a pledge not to bring a car to campus for the entire school year.   Emory University has a complete Web site called Bike Emory listing events, a cyclopedia, bike resources, maps, etc. but best of all Emery offers several on campus bike repair shops, deep discounts on bike purchases, and a bike share program for all eligible students/staff to bike around campus free! Colleges in other states such as Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Maine and Pennsylvania are now offering bike-loan programs.

For librarians: if your college (or high school) does not have such initiatives think about getting involved to make it happen;  if they do, try to get involved to show the library’s support; make sure you have a bike rack outside the library; encourage your own staff and students to participate (incentives?);  try a display of bike related resources in the library; highlight your e-resources which students can access remotely, w/o having to drive or bike to campus as all. I’m sure there are lots of other ideas – please suggest/comment!