are the “green” practices of your library on your website?

Saw a tweet and learned about the Queen’s University (Ontario Canada) Library posts their Greening the Library information under About on the website. They share their environmentally conscious practices such as recycling and reducing electricity; they share ways users can “stay green and clean” in the library; and call out their partnerships on campus. I’m sure many other academic libraries are doing similar things but its not that often these types of library state these policies on their website. Its smart to advertise your practices and might also be enticing for people interesting in working there as well.

Library Journal editorial on ALA’s Resolution on the Importance of Sustainable Libraries

A Win for Sustainability: ALA’s resolution is an important start | Editorial!

Read this Library Journal editorial and review the resolution, passed in June by the American Library Association, which was brought to council by the (new) Sustainability Round Table.  Share with your colleagues and community, start thinking about ways to implement and transform.

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