Save Paper When Faxing

First ask yourself –  can you send the document over the internet? There are many internet options: just send it via emailed instead; for short faxes it can usually be sent for free; for longer faxes there are many services listed here.  Faxing over the internet will also save you a dedicated phone line.

If it has to be sent in non-digital form, you can also create a template and print out many little stickers on one page – slap a sticker on the first sheet of your fax and you have already saved one whole sheet of paper.

Book Prospector

Book Prospector  ( is worth checking out.  Basically, they sell your books for you at a supposedly higher amount than you could on your own.  You enter the item info on their Web site, they give you a quote on price of each, you click “sell,” and package up all the books w/ pre paid shipping label (they cover shipping costs) and send to them.

Any libraries using it and what do you think?

Hands free browsing & canvas bags for check out

Great idea!  From a comment posted on LibraryStuff in early February:

“Our Friends of the Harborfields Library, Greenlawn, New York, have donated 50 new green canvas tote bags to the Library. We have cataloged them and our patrons can check them out for 21 days, they have become so popular, that after the first 2 weeks, all the bags were out, each day a few come back and then go out abain. Our patrons love the hands free browsing ability the bags give them. The Friends of the Library are also selling the same bags for $10 and have sold a few dozen. The bags were purchased from JanWay
Very inexpensive. Carol Albano, Director”

Recycled Paper

Check with your supplier to find out if you library is purchasing recycled office paper. (or, encourage your institution to find a more earth friendly paper supplier.)  Look for at least 30% of higher post-consumer when buying recycled paper. This means the original paper wasn’t recycled scrap from the mill but was actually used for something first and is now being recycled. Also check to make sure chlorine wasnt used in the process and that the original wood fiber was manufactured from sustainable growth.

New Leaf Paper is a company to check out for recycled office paper.

Take Survey to make ACRL ’09 Conference GREEN

The new ACRL Green Conference Committee wants to minimize the environmental impact of the 2009 National Conference in Seattle, WA.  You can add your input and help the Green Conference Committee by completing this brief survey about ways to “green” the conference The survey should take 5-10 minutes. The deadline to complete it is Friday, February 29

Recycling “stuff”

Earth 911 is a great site for finding out where to recycle all sorts of things. Put in your zip code and what you want to recycle and they provide a list of local places.

Also check out Gcycle (sponsored by Earth 911)- a multifaceted electronics recycling campaign. The site provids information on where to recycle “tech stuff.” I found the graphics a little annoying but the site is great. Their goal – to keep these toxic wastes out of landfills and make it as easy as possible for people to recycling such things as old cell phones, batteries, tvs, monitors, laptops, video tapes, etc

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has a site called myGreenElectronics which provides information on where to recycle lots of other electronics like flashlights and home theater equipment.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out Tech Soup for more general information on electronic recycling programs and ideas.

*In the end, remember to think before you buy so you can REDUCE and REUSE before you even get to RECYCLE*