Eco2Go food containers!

eco2go_sticeker_square-3Exciting new sustainable initiative at my university this fall: Eco2GO  They hope to save over 600,000 disposable containers from reaching the landfill each year!

1) Order food to go at all participating campus food locations

2) Receive food in these bright orange containers

3) Eat, empty/rinse and drop off at various locations around campus –  dining halls, dorm areas, drop off locations like a book drop…  we hope to have a drop off in the library soon!



NW ecoliteracy collaborative

A push in Oregon to create and promote ecoliteracy in schools is happening! With Senate Bill 439 which directs Oregon State University Extensions to develop standards and curriculum for outdoor educators  – and – the nationwide effort called No Child Left Inside, this collaborative would work with communities (charrette-style) though workshops. The goals is to develop place-based projects specific to their desires for their children’s education.  How can libraries get involved?  Read more here.