It’s My Environment Video Project

If you missed it the first time, the EPA has extended its My Environment Video Projectt until  December 1, 2010.  Create a video clip up to 10 seconds long of someone doing something for the environment, then reading and passing along a sign to the left, that says “It’s My Environment.”  Read more here and join in! See the compilation so far:

Seed Lending Library

How cool – the Richmond (CA) created a Seed Lending Library! It’s a free urban seed project located in the public library, opened in May of this year,where anyone can borrow seeds but after they harvest, they are to return seeds.  Seeds are organized by plant families, labeled well with information on the common and scientific names, the variety, former growers name, location of garden, year they seeds were harvested and other helpful tidbits.  One issue is teaching people how to save seeds properly and thus they offer several videos on the process. Here is information on how to use the library and also how to CREATE YOUR OWN seed lending library!  They are asking for donations as well to support this project to continue.  Read more about this project and get inspired … hopefully we’ll see more libraries offering this type of service and more entrepreneurial ideas like this one.

Green Public Library Publication & IFLA SIG

A new publication is now available called Going Green in North American Public Libraries: A Critical Snapshot of Policy and Practice and it will be presented  10 August 2010 – 15 August 2010  (in Gothenburg, Sweden) at the Environmental Sustainability and Libraries SIG Open Session. Learn more about this SIG of IFLA.

Thanks for the news item, Monika Antonelli!

Eco-Librarian Classes!

The U of Wisconsin Madison, School of Library and Information Studies offered an online course in spring 2008 called:

Eco-Librarians: Changing Our Communities One Step at a Time (details)

not only is the topic green themed but offering it online is green and accessible for many more people.  I wonder if it will be offered again? any other library schools offer eco-librarian courses?

Thanks to Ralph Tomlinson for mentioning this to me.

Got Questions? AASHE discussion forums might help

AASHE Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education offers a place to post questions and get feedback from others relating to higher education and sustainability.  Their Campus Sustainability Discussion Forums offer a place to post questions and respond to existing queries in your area(s) of expertise. Review their terms of use and FAQs and Instructions and you must register to post – but it’s free and easy. There are forum threads on planning & admin(HR, engagement…), operations (dining, energy, grounds..), and Education(curriculum, research …).  Some current forum topics:  Energy Display Dashboards, Campus Trees – Sequestration in Inventory?, and  Purchasing Power of College Campuses.  Financial support for the forums is from the ACUPCC ( by the way, did you university president sign this climate commitment yet?)