Green Geek Gifts … and more

Looking for a last minute gifts for a coworker, family member or friend… try some of these ideas from TreeHugger:

visit the TreeHugger gifts ideas page for more green gift ideas!

Greening your food @ your library party

Planning events for the holidays at your library?  here are some tips & ideas on how  to be more green:

  • Use local, sustainable minded caterers (give back by supporting your local economy).
  • Pot lucks are always nice way to share and save money, perhaps pass along recipes too. It’s usually healthier and definitely greener than buying out.
  • Try using real dishes, rather than throw away ones that are plastic and never breakdown. If you have too many people to wash dishes can you use biodegradable dishes? or ask people to BYOD (dish?) why not!
  • Eat more food items lower in the food chain like veggies. Growing plants requires a lot less energy than it does to grow animals to eat. But eating meat, find out where is comes from “what your food eats.”
  • Find a Farmers Market and ask them about their food:
  • Try this tool and calculate your impact of your meals:
  • here are some tasty Low-Impact Recipes from The Small Planet Institute
  • Check out NRDC’s Green Eating Guide