sustainable name tags

I just attended an event where – instead of plastic or sticker name tags and using markers – we were given pieces of recycled card stock (you could use old card catalog cards) attached with a small binder clip and string.The string was already tied in a circle and then we simply looped it through on edge of the binder clip.  We used crayons to write our names. All easily reusable, recyclable and natural!   Here is photos of my name tag:nametag




3 thoughts on “sustainable name tags

  1. What a great idea! I’ve heard of things like this but not in practice. Once I tried an similar approach — I reused old business cards from people I didn’t need any more by flipping them over and writing my contact information on the blank side of the card. Cheaper and eco-friendlier at conferences.

  2. […] reusable name badges.  It’s always better to reuse before recycling. (though I also like sustainable hand made name tags […]

  3. […] using old newspaper or other scrap paper but will need to find enough safety pins, and using recycled card stock held onto string with crocodile clip which will need enough […]

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